The beginning, but not actually

Hi there. My name is Iza and I am a wine blogger and journalist based in Warsaw, Poland. If you are interested, my Polish blog is here. I am also writing for Magazyn Wino which is one of the leading wine magazines in Poland (if not the leading). So, after more than three years of writing a blog in Polish, I finally decided to go English and start to tell my wine stories to the wider circle of wine lovers around the world. I think at the beginning my posts will reach mostly my ‘old’ readers from Poland (and I truly appreciate it! Cheers to you, guys!), but I would like to dramatically spread my wine love and I hope I will reach you. Yes, you!

You will find here some news from the world of wine and – mostly – my reviews of wines that I tasted. I have a 7-point scale that will be quite clear, I think. I will also try to suggest to you some food pairings with every wine I will describe, but of course, everything is up to you and I am waiting for your opinions and experiences in this matter. I am planning to develop this food-wine pairing section because, for me, wine is made to drink with food. May it be bread with olive oil, at least. Or cheese. I like cheese.

So, nice to meet you and stay tuned! Cheers!


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